Dr Sajida Shahnawaz Ahmed - Medical Director


Dr Sajida Shahnawaz Ahmed "IVF Queen of Pakistan

Dr. Sajida Shahnawaz has over 20 years of expertise within the field of gynecology and IVF in Pakistan. She has worked with father of Andrology "Prof Dr Panos Zavos" and has achieved the title of IVF Queen of Pakistan. Her specialties embody sterility treatment, reproductive endoscopic surgery, IVF STAR ICSI and different post-menopausal complications. She is consultant gynecologist, IVF physician and aesthetic gynecologist.


  • MBBS (Gold Medalist) in 1996 from FJMC Lahore.
  • MCPS in 2002 from SGRM Lahore.
  • FCPS in 2004 from SGRM Lahore.
  • IVF (test tube baby) Specialist in Feb 2009 from Invobioscience USA.
  • ICSI Specialist in Nov 2010 from RI Falmouth UK.
  • Active member of ESHRE (European society for human reproduction and endocrinology).
  • Acting as a central chairperson of health (ICHR).

Professional experience:

  • Since 1996 remained affiliated with post graduate center, completed post graduation and worked as gynecologist in SGRM Lahore.
  • Now working as medical director of STAR ICSI in Sakina Memorial hospital.

Special skills and techniques:

  • Consultant Gynecologist
  • Reproductive Endoscopic Surgeon
  • IVF Physician
  • Aesthetic Gynecologist
  • American institute of Andrology & ART Presented certificate of authorization to Dr. Sajida Shahnawaz and nominate her as an associate in global teaching program on 15-09-13.
  • Member of International Academy of Pelvic Surgery.
  • Member of International Academy of Pelvic Surgery.